Chili Fest!

Date: January 31, 2021

The Knights will be offering take-out Chili January 31st.  Two types of types of chili will be offered, Red Chili with beef and White Chili with chicken.  Each will include a slab of cornbread.

All patrons will be ordering on-line and pre-paying for their orders.  Patrons will be driving up outside the St. John’s room to pick-up their pre-order.

Our task will be to confirm the order and fulfil it with pre-made and pre-packaged chili.

Pick-up will be from 4:00P to 7:00P. We will need folks from 3:30P to just after 7:00P.

Sign up below...

What Sheet BCC Name E-mailPhoneReminded *
What Sheet BCC Name E-mailPhoneReminded *
Event Coordinator #1: Bill Fredricksonbillfred4949@yahoo.com2021/01/29 02:01:48
Pre-Order Checker #1: Mark LewandowskiMarklewandowski60@gmail.com2021/01/29 11:04:20
Kitchen Order Maker #1: Allen Engelnellalegne@gmail.com2021/01/29 09:57:54
Greeters/Runners #1: Terry Fredericktfrederick@gmail.com2021/01/29 02:01:58
 #2: Michael ScholzMichael@scholzes.com2021/01/29 02:01:59
 #3: David Elliottdavid.cnpservice@gmail.com2021/01/29 02:01:59
 #4: Evan Jameserjames007@gmail.com2021/01/29 02:01:59
 #5: dennis o'neilldjo3833@mycci.net2021/01/29 02:01:59
Packagers #1: Danny Walkerwalk6400@gmail.com2021/01/29 02:01:58
 #2: John SebergerJseberger@gmail.com2021/01/29 02:01:58
 #3: Greg HunterGchunter99@aol.com2021/01/29 02:01:59